Stay in EPFL

Dr. Mizuno had studied abroad as a visiting professor at EPFL in Switzerland.
During his stay in EPFL, he gave a face-to-face presentation at the Brain Mind Institute seminar.
At that time, the COVID-19 had settled down, and it was expected that things would return to normal.
He was the first seminar presenter as a non-European visitor since the pandemic began.

You can look at the impressive lineup of the presenters list in 2020!

It was a great opprtunity.
During his stay, he learned bio-optogenetics. While experimenting, he had his photo taken by the students participating in a contest to collect PI’s photos.

He went hiking on his days off. The mountains of Switzerland are very beautiful.
He would like to utilize his stay experience to do fine research.

(Prof. Carl Petersen, left, Dr. Mizuno, center, and Dr. Tamura)


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