Selected publications

1.NMDA receptor enhances correlation of spontaneous activity in neonatal barrel cortex
Mizuno H** (**Corresponding author), Rao MS, Mizuno H, Sato T, Nakazawa S, Iwasato T
The Journal of Neuroscience 2021, 41 (6) 1207-1217

2.Elucidating mechanisms of neuronal circuit formation in layer 4 of the somatosensory cortex via intravital imaging.
Rao M.S., Mizuno H** (**Corresponding author)
Neuroscience Research 2020,

3.In Vivo Two-photon Imaging of Cortical Neurons in Neonatal Mice
Mizuno H**, Nakazawa S, Iwasato T (**Corresponding author)
Journal of Visualized Experiments 140 e58340

4.Patchwork-Type Spontaneous Activity in Neonatal Barrel Cortex Layer 4 Transmitted via Thalamocortical Projections.
Mizuno H**, Ikezoe K, Nakazawa S, Sato T, Kitamura K, Iwasato T** (**Corresponding authors)
Cell Reports 22(1) 123-135

5.Supernova: A Versatile Vector System for Single-Cell Labeling and Gene Function Studies in vivo
Luo W*, Mizuno H*, Iwata R, Nakazawa S, Yasuda K, Itohara S, Iwasato T(*Co–first authors)
Scientific Reports 6(Article number: 35747) 35747

6.NMDAR-Regulated Dynamics of Layer 4 Neuronal Dendrites during Thalamocortical Reorganization in Neonates.
Mizuno H, Luo W, Tarusawa E, Saito YM, Sato T, Yoshimura Y, Itohara S, Iwasato T
Neuron 82(2) 365-379

7.Pre-synaptic and post-synaptic neuronal activity supports the axon development of callosal projection neurons during different post-natal periods in the mouse cerebral cortex.
Mizuno H, Hirano T, Tagawa Y
The European Journal of Neuroscience 31 410-424

8.Evidence for activity-dependent cortical wiring: formation of interhemispheric connections in neonatal mouse visual cortex requires projection neuron activity.
Mizuno H, Hirano T, Tagawa Y
The Journal of Neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience 27 6760-6770